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Media Literacy for Children

Jordan Karn, Kate Van Etten, Marissa Zanon, Noah Lorbach

Girl with a Tablet

What is Media Literacy?

"Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in various forms. It encompasses the skills of deciphering, interpreting, understanding, and creating different types of media content.”

Bartlett, B. (2023, March 7). Media Literacy for kids and teenagers. Kidslox.,different%20types%20of%20media%20content 

Our children live in a world where there is access to media 24/7. 

Media is everywhere and technology is a part of life.

Children Using Tablets
Image by Hal Gatewood

"What is Media Literacy?" YouTube Video

Reference: Wagner, S. (2016, June 29). What is media literacy?. YouTube.

Doing Homework

It is important as future educators to teach students to become media literate. We need to teach young students so that they are able to look at information from the media and know whether or not the information is fake or real. 

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According to Jay from a crash course video on YouTube called "Introduction to Media Literacy: Crash Course Media Literacy #1" "media includes books, films, paintings, songs, TV shows, poems, video games, magazines, podcasts, music videos.."

YouTube. (2018, February 27). Introduction to media literacy: Crash course media literacy #1. YouTube. 

“Like reading or math, media literacy is learned. The ability to navigate within our complex and ever-changing media landscape depends on acquiring skills and tools to know how to consume and evaluate information, ask critical questions, avoid manipulation, and engage in digital spaces safely and confidently. Unfortunately, these skills are not widely taught to our young people – yet.”
(Media Literacy Now | Advocating for Media Literacy Education, June 14, 2023)

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