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Facts, Links, Books, and Videos to help support families impacted by incarceration

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Lillian Hof, Madison Spicuzza, Alexa Tymon, Maria DiFranco, Megan Carcaise

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What is Incarceration?

Sesame Street

It can be difficult to talk about incarceration with your child. Here, Alex is talking about how he feels with a dad who is incarcerated.  Listen to him together with your child as he explains  incarceration in terms that they will understand and describes feelings that they might relate to.

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Basic Facts

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How many children in the U.S are impacted by incarceration?

"Between 1991 and 2007, the share of children who had incarcerated parents rose 79 percent. Today, nearly half the prisoners in state prisons are parents."

What is the impact on children?

"When a parent is incarcerated, the impact on the children is large and often hidden. Not only do such children lose a parent, they must also cope with altered systems of care."

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Important Articles and Websites

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Tip Sheet

Organizations that help families impacted by incarceration

The Impact of Incarceration on Children

 Families Impacted by Incarceration Program - Mental Health Association

Supporting Students with Parents who were/are Incarcerated

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