Families Overcoming Obstacles: Homelessness
EDT 344

Sydni Callahan, Meghan Rodgers, Meredith Karn, Adri Horan, & Annie Mannion


Last Stop On Market Street

by Matt De La Pena

This children's book is about CJ and his Nana who takes him through town on a bus to the last stop on Market Street. CJ wonders why he is not like the other kids he sees on the street and throughout the town. However, CJ learns to appreciate the differences he witnesses and in the inequity and turns it into happiness. CJ exits the bus with a grateful heart.


Still a Family

by Brenda Reeves Sturgis

This book is about a little girl and her family that lost their home and now live in a homeless shelter. Through the trials and hardships, this book still shows that family is forever and is still able to spend time with each other. This book tells about homelessness in a way that children can understand. 

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Fly Away Home

Eve Bunting

This children's book by Eve Bunting is about a homeless boy and his father who move from terminal to terminal hoping to go unnoticed by others. The boy is finally given hope when he sees a trapped bird finally flies away in which he relates to. This is a great book for this topic because it depicts a homeless boy finding hope and positivity despite his obstacles.


Children & Families

European Restaurant

National Alliance to End Homelessness

This website provides information on families and homelessness in the US. It discusses the impact it has on children and the daily struggles dealt with. It also discusses ways to end homelessness for children and families along with programs they offer for these families.

The National Health Care for the Homeless Council

This website is an organization that focuses on working to help eliminate homelessness by bringing more awareness to help engage, empower and educate providers, consumers, and the public with facts about homelessness. This organization provides the public the opportunity to take action to help end homelessness, find best practices and research, find immediate help, and request technical assistance.

Community for Accredited Online Schools

This website provides facts, resources, and advocacy for students in grades K- 12 and beyond in college as well. It gives warning signs of Homelessness, the effects that it has on the students, and the legislation that has been created due to homelessness.

How to Get Help If You Are Experiencing Homelessness

This website provides hotlines as well as step by step resources to help families homelessness get access to things such as food, clothes, and more.

Facts About Family Homelessness

This resource provides basic facts and information about family homelessness in the United States.

7 Practical Ways We Can Bless Someone Experiencing Homelessness

This website provides viewers 7 practical ways in which they can help someone experiencing homelessness and make a difference. Among this, the website provides a description of ways in which it impacts the person.


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